Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another dumb "War On Women" meme

Some of the "War On Women" screeds are so. Dumb.
When I saw this one:

All I could think of was... Seriously? Who in the world believes that this is a credible reflection of statistics?

Okay, so the meme is that women are killed like... all the time. Really.
But you might wonder, as I do, is it more then men? Because that also seems implied by the whole "War On Women" thing?

No. Women are not killed anywhere near the rate that men are.
Go to the FBI breakdown on homicides, by gender.

Victimization rates for both males and females have declined in recent years

  • Males were almost 4 times more likely than females to be murdered in 2005.
  • In 2005 rates for females reached their lowest point recorded; rates for males increased slightly from the low point recorded in 2000.

Uh, what? The meme at the top of the page was that there is a war against women.
If anything, there is a war against men, since we're being killed off at more than 3 times the rate of women. To top it all off, when men kill, its almost 3 times as likely that they will kill another man. -And even when women do kill, they kill men more often then women... almost 3 times as many men.

Male offender/Male victim 65.3%

Male offender/Female victim 22.7%

Female offender/Male victim 9.6%

Female offender/Female victim 2.4%

So no matter how you look at homicide rates... men are getting screwed.
I bought this up on Facebook, and someone told me that I'm missing the point; that women are more likely to be killed by family members and intimates, rather then strangers. Somehow, its supposed to be a good thing for men that we're most likely to be killed by a stranger at 3 times the rate of women?
But I digress. Let's do the math again.
But let's break it down further. Let's suppose that there were 100 people killed in any given year. Based on the percentages, that would mean:
Male offender/Male victim -- 65 Men
Male offender/Female victim -- 22 Women
Female offender/Male victim -- 10 Men
Female offender/Female victim -- 2 Women
Right? (I rounded off)
Or 24 women killed for every 75 men killed.
Now let's apply the percentages of how they knew their intimate or family member to those numbers:

# per 100

Male Female
Male Female
Victim/offender relationship

Intimate 35.2% 64.8%
27 15

Family 51.5% 48.5%
39 12
Using the percentages, above, I plugged in the numbers based on 75 men killed for every 24 women.

Let's word that a different way: of the 75 men that were killed, 27 (26.5) were killed by "intimates". (35.2% x 75 = 27)
Of the 24 women killed, 15 (15.3) were killed by "intimates". (64.8% x 24=15)

So in any group of 100 homicides, 27 men who were "intimates" were killed to the 15 women who were killed by their "intimate."
We get that, right? We agree on that math?
27 men are killed by someone that they are intimate with to every 15 women.

I did the same thing with family members.
We're starting with 75 men and 24 women getting killed, then applied the percentages.
Men 39 (38.6); Women 12 (11.64)
Of the men and women who are killed every year who are family members: 39 men are killed for every 12 women. More then 3 times as many men are killed by family members then women.
Again, how is that a war on women?
The only way you can come to the conclusion that its a "war on women" is if you failed math.


Anonymous said...

It's odd that you wouldn't just make the apples to apples comparison since this is a post about gender on gender violence: women are more than twice as likely to be killed by men as men are to be killed by women.

I understand your critique of the claims to a "War on Women" and this data's connection to it, but this analysis of data hardly seems cogent.

Nesa Simon David said...

Why does "anonymous" (and feminists in general) want to focus on only that one metric (men killing women vs women killing men) to the exclusion of everything else?

ChicagoJohn said...

We can only guess.
I thought that my take apart of the meme was pretty complete. Clearly, the biggest threat to men is men.

And if the offender is a woman? Its 5 times more likely that she's going to kill a man.

So there's that.